Meet Team Rabbits

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Mel & Nick

Chief Rabbits, Mel and Nick are the heart and soul of The Rabbit Hole. As ex-teachers, they dreamed of owning a bookshop that would be so much more than just a shop. And so The Rabbit Hole was born, and their passion and commitment to young readers and the local community remains just as strong. 



Hi! My name's Charley, and I’m the bright orange addition to the team! I focus on the YA and fantasy sections in the shop, and you can usually find me excitedly talking about my favourite releases. Reading has been a passion of mine since I was little. It truly has the power to take you on adventures and visit places you never thought you’d see, I think this is where my love of fantasy comes from, why not visit somewhere filled with magic and the odd dragon or two! 

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Hello! I'm Emma. Although I get to sample a lot of children's books via my own kids, my heart firmly belongs in the grown up fiction area. I'm a book blogger with an MA in Creative day I'd love to write my own novel, but until then I'm happy to obsess over the bookshelves! I read quite widely, and definitely don't like to stick to a genre. I'm just as happy with a gentle family saga and I'm always excited to discover new authors I can champion. 

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