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January 2023 
Team Rabbits Recommend...

If you're not local to Brigg, but would like to order one (or all!!) of these titles, simply click on the book jacket image and order online via to support The Rabbit Hole, Brigg with your purchase. Your support is hugely appreciated.

Grown Up Fiction

Recommended by Emma

I'll Never Tell
by Philippa East


Lincolnshire based author, Philippa East is no stranger at The Rabbit Hole - but shamefully, despite this being her third novel I'll Never Tell is the first I've read (sorry!!) Happily, I loved it. I was completely absorbed from the get go. A perfect, privileged family....or so they seem. It doesn't take long to realise all is not well. Toxic family secrets and an engaging. highly readable plot make this an easy pick for January!


To the outside world, the Goodlights are perfect. Julia is a lawyer, Paul a stay-at-home dad who has dedicated his life to helping their daughter Chrissie achieve her dreams as a talented violinist. But on the night of a prestigious music competition, which has the power to change everything for Chrissie and her family, Chrissie goes missing.

She puts on the performance of a lifetime, then completely disappears. Suddenly every single crack, every single secret that the family is hiding risks being exposed. Because the Goodlights aren't perfect.

Not even close.


Recommended by Nick

The Witham: Lincolnshire's River
by Jon Fox


Written and published locally, this is a beautiful book for those keen on learning more about Lincolnshire. A companion to the two well recieved titles from Jon Fox, The Witham follows the titual river from source to sea. Exploring the natural and human history of the river as it pursues an eccentric, looping course through Lincolnshire via Grantham, Lincoln and Boston to reach the North Sea. Also encompassing tributaries including the rivers Brant, Till, Slea and Bain and the towns located on the river, the book reveals the varied beauty of the Witham and its landscape as well as the river’s remarkable heritage of archaeology, architecture and engineering.

This book combines informative text with evocative colour photographs taken  by the author. Each chapter also has a specially prepared map and references for further reading.


Following on from his two previous titles about Lincolnshire’s landscape, Jon Fox’s new book explores the River Witham on its unusual course through the county from the upland source near South Witham to the North Sea coastline in the Wash. Combining Jon’s evocative photographs and informative text, the book explores the diverse landscapes of the river and its catchment as well as historic riverside towns including Lincoln, Grantham, Sleaford, Horncastle and Boston.

Please note that this title is not available via, however it is available in store.

Middle Grade

Recommended by Mel

Blackbeard's Treasure
by Iszi Lawrence


We've been looking forward to having this book in store since meeting the author at the Bookseller's Conference in October. It sounds action packed and we're looking forward to receving reviews from some of our readers!


A riveting pirate tale set in the eighteenth century during the golden age of piracy in the Caribbean, perfect for fans of Emma Carroll and Jacqueline Wilson. It's 1718: pirate ships sail the oceans and brutal slave masters control the plantations. Eleven-year-old Abigail Buckler lives with her father in the Caribbean.

Her clothes are made of finest muslin so she can't play in them, not that there's anyone to play with anyway. She isn't even allowed to go out alone. But when pirates attack Abigail's life will change forever.

Suddenly her old certainties about right and wrong, good and bad start to unravel. Maybe Abigail doesn't have to be so ladylike after all... Packed with historical detail about the Atlantic slave trade, the ravages of empire and human cost of providing luxuries like sugar, cotton and tobacco to Europe, Blackbeard's Treasure is a page-turning, swashbuckling adventure which takes a look at the real pirates of the Caribbean.

Middle Grade

Recommended by Mel

Bunny vs Monkey:
Multiverse Mix-up!
by Jamie Smart


The latest from the ever popular Bunny vs Monkey series. Told in comic strip/graphic novel style, they are ideal for reluctant readers, or just for those who are looking for a fun read.


When portals to parallel dimensions open up, the gang meet different versions of themselves - a whole universe of Bunnies! Evil Pig! Baby Bunny vs Monkey!

The gang end up travelling to the very ends of existence . . . but will they make it back home to the Woods?

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