July 2022 
Team Rabbits Recommend...

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Recommended by Emma

Grown Up Fiction

Nothing Else
by Louise Beech


I first discovered Louise Beech a few years ago, and every book I've read since has just got better. Louise writes so empathically that it's difficult not to be swept away in her character's life, and Nothing Else was no exception. Fresh from listening to Louise's memoir, Daffodils, it wasn't difficult to see how her own experience's informed the lives of her characters in Nothing Else. 

A beautifully written story of sisterhood, love and the power music can hold in our lives. Nothing Else was a shoo in for my Book of the Month.


Heather Harris is a piano teacher and professional musician, whose quiet life revolves around music, whose memories centre on a single song that haunts her. A song she longs to perform again. A song she wrote as a child, to drown out the violence in their home. A song she played with her little sister, Harriet.

But Harriet is gone ... she disappeared when their parents died, and Heather never saw her again.

When Heather is offered an opportunity to play piano on a cruise ship, she leaps at the chance. She'll read her recently released childhood care records by day - searching for clues to her sister's disappearance - and play piano by night ... coming to terms with the truth about a past she's done everything to forget.

An exquisitely moving novel about surviving devastating trauma, about the unbreakable bond between sisters, Nothing Else is also a story of courage and love, and the power of music to transcend - and change - everything.

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Recommended by Nick


The Black Book
by Sybil Oldfield

An absolutely fascinating glimpse of what could have been.....


In 1939, the Gestapo created a list of names: the Britons whose removal would be the Nazis' priority in the event of a successful invasion. Who were they? What had they done to provoke Germany? For the first time, the historian Sybil Oldfield uncovers their stories and reveals why the Nazis feared their influence.

Those on the hitlist - many of them naturalised refugees - were some of Britain's most gifted and humane inhabitants. They included writers, humanitarians, religious leaders, scientists, artists, and social reformers.

By examining these targets of Nazi hatred, Oldfield not only sheds light on the Gestapo worldview but also movingly reveals a network of truly exemplary Britons: mavericks, moral visionaries and unsung heroes.


Recommended by Mel

The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams
by Shane Hegarty


The first in a new and wonderfully imaginative new series! The Shop of Impossible Ice Cream is not only funny, but it has a main character to root for in Limpet!


Welcome to the Shop of Impossible Ice Creams! Step inside to discover a delicious world of magical adventure, from bestselling author Shane Hegarty. First in a comic, heart-warming illustrated series, for 7+ fans of The Nothing to See Here Hotel and Charlie Changes into a Chicken .

Limpet's mum is opening an ice-cream shop, full of her favourite new flavours: mushroom and tuna ice cream, anyone? Roast parsnip and gravy?

Limpet's not sure about this. He likes a nice, safe life. His favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla.

But when wicked Mr Fluffy arrives with his Mega Emporium of Amazing and Spectacular Ice Creams, Limpet knows he's got to fight back. And there are magic ingredients on his doorstep which can solve all his worries, if only he can get the recipe just right ...

Middle Grade

Recommended by Mel

Dead Good Detectives
by Jenny McLachlan

A fantastic adventure story filled with peril, pirates, ghosts and magic!


Meet the ghosts in this hilariously heart-racing and spooky adventure and young souls of 8+ by the author of the bestselling Land of Roar series. Perfect for fans of BBC’s Ghosts!

Sid Jones loves hanging out in the graveyard with her best friend Zen – they are desperate to see a real-life ghost!

But when Sid accidentally summons a 300-year-old pirate from the dead, it opens the door to the HALFWAY HOUSE – a magical inn FULL of lost souls from across the ages, all trapped there by a sinister landlord.

There are more ghosts that Sid could ever have imagined – and they’re all sure Sid is there to save them! (Sid’s sure there’s been some kind of mistake.)

But someone else is watching, and they’re not happy about Sid helping the ghosts . . . TICK, TOCK – TIME IS RUNNING OUT