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Meet Locally Based Writers
The Heritage Centre, 10am to 2pm

Head across to The Heritage Centre anytime between 10am and 2pm to meet with locally based writers. Find out more about them, their books and they'll be happy to chat and answer any questions you may have!

Iconic Tattoo by Richard Harries

Iconic Tattoo follows Richard Harries wildly sucessful Awakening with yet another beautiful, funny and sad volume where he visits a childhood friend, and ponders what humanity has done to our natural world.

Spring Fever by JL Robinson

Stephanie Rhodes has settled into life in a small village in North Lincolnshire. She is proud to be teaching at her old primary school in Hibaldton and to be able to buy her grandma’s house. She is an independent, determined, busy young lady. 


That’s what she keeps telling herself. The reality is that she is surrounded by her old school friends, everyone in the village has known her since she was little, and she still goes to her parents’ house for Sunday Lunch.


When an old love interest returns to Hibaldton, it awakens a desire for change and excitement. Can she have it all in the place she feels at home- security, friendship, independence, excitement, and romance? It’s not long before Spring Fever sets in. Murder is in the air and Stephanie Rhodes takes on more than she can cope with. 

Reflections from a Narrowboat by Alice White

Having had a long career in nursing and cared for a family and step family, recently widowed and lonely, Alice had withdrawn to hide away in a sleepy Norfolk seaside village.
However, hurtling towards 50, she was itching for adventure and when a charismatic man bounded into her world she rushed headlong into a new life with him.
A woman, a narrowboat, a grumpy cat and a new relationship – what could possibly go wrong?
In Reflections from a Narrowboat, Alice White muses on events extracted from the blogs she wrote while on her adventure.
These memoirs offer a sometimes funny, sometimes moving and always interesting insight into the impressive strength of
a woman when negotiating some of the challenges of narrowboating, nature, life and relationships.

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