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Pre-order SIGNED AND DEDICATED copies of the brand new, upcoming festive title from the brilliant L.D. Lapinski, published on 10th October 2024.


From L. D. Lapinski,  the author of Jamie, Artezans: The Forgotten Magic and The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, comes a heart-warming, hilarious festive story about a family trying to keep the biggest Christmas secret EVER!


OK so your mum's partner, Nick, has a big bushy beard, a thick red coat, a team of reindeer and just happens to be REALLY busy around Christmas Eve . . . what could that mean?! Harper and Will's lives are already full of festive wonder, but baby sister Yula is about to bring a whole new meaning to the magic of Christmas.

Indoor snowflakes, naughty gingerbread biscuits and reindeer running wild spell Christmas chaos! And with the Elf and Safety Department on the lookout for any unexplained festive magic, it's up to their family keep the biggest Christmas secret ever . . .

The Biggest Christmas Secret Ever by L.D. Lapinski

To be shipped as close to publication on 10th October 2024 as possible
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