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An Evening with James Boyce
Wednesday 15th June,7pm
The Buttercross, Brigg

Tickets are free, but must be reserved

Join us as we hear from James Boyce, Australian author and historian who will be talking about his brilliant book, 'Imperial Mud: The Fight for the Fens'. Relevant to the history of our local area and the draining of the marshes in The Isle of Axholme, the evening promises to be filled with knowledge and insight.

Between the English Civil Wars and the mid-Victorian period, the proud indigenous population of the Fens of eastern England fought to preserve their homeland against an expanding empire.

After centuries of resistance, their culture and community were destroyed, along with their wetland home - England's last lowland wilderness. But this was no simple triumph of technology over nature - it was the consequence of a newly centralised and militarised state, which enriched the few while impoverishing the many. In this colourful and evocative history, James Boyce brings to life not only colonial masters such as Oliver Cromwell and the Dukes of Bedford but also the defiant 'Fennish' them- selves and their dangerous and often bloody resistance to the enclosing landowners.

We learn of the eels so plentiful they became a kind of medieval currency; the games of 'Fen football' that were often a cover for sabotage of the drainage works; and the destruction of a bountiful ecosystem that had sustained the Fennish for thousands of years and which meant that they did not have to submit in order to survive. Masterfully argued and imbued with a keen sense of place, Imperial Mud reimagines not just the history of the Fens, but the history and identity of the English people.

  • An Evening with James Boyce
    Wed, Jun 15
    The Buttercross
    Jun 15, 2022, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    The Buttercross, The Buttercross, Market Place, Brigg DN20 8ER, UK
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